• Reinventing Community Feb 3, 2012

    Last week I went to shul. My friends’ daughter was getting married and on the Saturday morning, the Jewish Sabbath, prior to the wedding the bridegroom was ‘introduced’ to the Torah according to Jewish tradition.

  • Authentic Power: What Is It? Jan 23, 2012

    When I say that love equals power, I am not referring to external power. We all know what external power looks like. It is the capacity and ability to control others - mentally, physically, culturally, religiously, politically, economically. Because it seems so much more desirable to control, rather than be controlled, for eons mankind has yearned for such power.

  • Are You Smart Enough? Jan 13, 2012

    Our world reveres a high IQ, maybe not quite a much as money or beauty but high intellect comes in a close third. For sure, a strong intellect (left brain intelligence) allows us to understand and manage the physical environment. High intelligence is equated with a natural ability to solve abstract problems that so often bring concrete rewards - like high salaries - they have just announced that Steve Jobs’ replacement at Apple will be earning over $380 million per year) and public accolades.

  • The Parent Report Card Jan 6, 2012

    One of the most difficult things about being a parent is that there is very little appreciation for, or acknowledgement of, good parenting. Unless you openly abuse your child, no one on the outside can discern a truly good parent from the mere appearance of one.

  • The Gratitude Attitude? Dec 15, 2011

    A lot has been written about the importance of gratitude - how it improves our general health and well being as well as being an integral part of a conscious life, with all the benefits that brings.

  • It's All About the Turkey Dec 3, 2011

    I flew with my kids to Cleveland, Ohio to spend Thanksgiving with old friends, the most loved of American holidays, Although sometimes the food ingredient combinations perplex me as an Australian, you just cannot go past Americans’ open-hearted hospitality and their love of tradition and ritual.

  • Look Them In the Eyes Nov 16, 2011

    At times this life defeats me. On the outside most people would say I have an awful lot to be grateful for, and I have. I know this. But sometimes a tendency for depression creeps in and takes up residence for a few hours.

  • Power In 2012: Hillary Clinton Nov 6, 2011

    The cover story of Time magazine this week pays tribute to the amazing contribution of American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the nascent revolutions of the people, dubbed the Arab Spring.

  • Presence Oct 26, 2011

    I had a friend who was always on the run. I really liked her a lot, she was friendly and outgoing. But more than anything, she was interesting, and interested. Extremely well read, well travelled, and actively engaged in contemporary culture, she was always up for a good hashing of the big ideas of the day. I found her refreshing.

  • The Death Hold of Fear Oct 19, 2011

    What would be your first thought if someone told you that you were about to die?

  • Soul Questions Oct 12, 2011

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote about dating sites. Then I received an email with this poem by Oriah Mountain Dreamer.****

  • Incomparable: Hepburn and Givenchy Oct 5, 2011

    The film Breakfast At Tiffany’s, based loosely on Truman Capote’s novel, broke new ground not just in movie history - particularly in how women and sexuality is portrayed in film - but more remarkably for expanding our notions of what constitutes beauty.

  • Losing Our Religion Sep 26, 2011

    **The Book of Mormon, **currently playing to packed houses on Broadway, delivers an irreverent, raunchy blow to traditional religiosity. It has been acclaimed as the funniest musical - ever!It is funny, but it was not the humor that struck me most. Rather, it was the hard edge of the adolescent male antics (what else would you expect from the creators of South Park?) that got my attention.

  • Mismatch Sep 12, 2011

    Dating sites like match.com have proliferated over the last few years and have entered the mainstream of life. So much so that people, upon observing the dearth of eligible men in my life, often ask me why I don’t use them.

  • Letting Go of the Banana Sep 6, 2011

    Time is of the essence, now more than ever.