• Are We Worth It? Aug 25, 2011

    I recently had a conversation with a young mother who has a toddler which she not only loves being at home with but also understands the immense value of being a full-time mother to her gorgeous little girl. Despite this, she is thinking of going back to work.

  • Looking For Love Aug 18, 2011

    Love means different things, depending on which part of us that is doing the looking. ****

  • What's A Man For? Aug 11, 2011

    Most people, if asked, could tell you the basic function and role of a woman. Woman’s part in the birth and nurturing of the young is self-evident. What is not so clear is what a man is for.

  • Pure And Applied Aug 5, 2011

    So many times I sat in my high school math exams confronted with a problem that not only could I not solve, but was convinced it was one which we had not even been taught how to solve.

  • Success? Jul 28, 2011

    If there is an infinite field of possibilities that connects all things - as the Quantum physicists say there is - and if we want to find the way to tap into that infinite field, we have to change our definition of success.

  • One Of Those Days! Jul 21, 2011

    I remember listening to a CD by Sonia Choquette a couple of years ago, about those days, or times of our lives, we all experience when everything seems wrong, out of sync or just plain cruddy. Rather than resisting the situation, pouring all our effort and energy into trying to change it, she recommends we find what exactly it is we need to cope with the circumstances, to find peace and acceptance.

  • Transparency Jul 13, 2011

    The world only becomes transparent to man when man is completely transparent, when he is what he truly is. Chao YongTransparency is the issue of the day, perhaps even the era. As we approach the transition that is part of the 2012 shift, truth and honesty, at every level, will be crucial if we are to make a peaceful and harmonious transition.

  • Porthole Judgment Jul 7, 2011

    If you had been a fly on the wall of my house 17 years ago, your assessment of me, of my character, would have been different to the one I imagine you would have today.

  • Want Or Should? Jun 30, 2011

    There is a difference between love, and duty and obligation.

  • Can We Handle World Peace? Jun 24, 2011

    Imagine for a moment if all our collective prayers were answered

  • Sin No More: Weinergate Jun 16, 2011

    The tabloid dream that is US Congressman Anthony Weiner’s sexting escapade is playing out predictably here in New York. The congruence of name and nature makes for easy puns - “cocksure,” “stimulus package” are a couple that jump out at me, although the “feeling perfect assurance sometimes on inadequate grounds” - especially in the face of Weiner’s initial denials - prompts a chuckle.

  • Keep An Eye On the Kids Jun 8, 2011

    I’ve read and heard a bit about Gen Y kids, that they expect the world but aren’t prepared to do the hard work to get it. They seem to cause Baby Boomer employers quite a bit of grief.

  • A No-Brainer May 31, 2011

    So, I have another friend. She’s left the workaday world and headed off on an international adventure. This is exciting, even exhilarating, because the potentials seem endless. Anything, even her heartfelt desire, just might be possible.

  • The Miracle of Change May 23, 2011

    The husband of a friend of mine walked out a few years ago. My friend struggled with all the obvious emotions - shock, anger, resentment, hurt, betrayal - but like most mothers I know, she never let any of this to distract her from her commitment to her children.

  • Ask A Question May 17, 2011

    These last few years I have learned the value of things unseen. Quantum physics has proved that the space between objects is not, as first thought by scientists, empty, but is filled with energy vibrating at myriad frequencies not always perceivable by our five senses. I have come to learn, and experience, something of what exists in that space between objects.